Residential Internet & Phone Services

It's time to say goodbye to waiting for pages to load or files to download. With our broadband residential high speed Internet services you'll get a super fast Internet connection. In no time you'll be able to...

  •  Most school work is internet-based these days, both in the classroom and at home. High speed access is essential for homework, school updates, parent/teacher communication, and more.
  •  Download your favorite music.
  •  Share photos with family and friends on Facebook.
  •  Stream videos, movies and TV shows with online services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.
  •  Listen to your favorite music from radio stations around the world, or with streaming services like Pandora and iTunes.
  •  Or just surf the web.

To start residential service a $149.95 one-time installation and setup fee is required. Below is our monthly residential Internet service pricing.

Internet Packages:
7Mb - $69.95 - ( 7 x 2)
9Mb - $79.95 - ( 9 x 2 )
13Mb - $109.95 - ( 13 x 2 )

Residential Phone: $29.95/month

Residential Installation:
$50.00 Phone
$74.95 SXT Internet
$149.95 All others
$100.00 CommDeck